Monday, January 08, 2007

Howe Gelb / Giant Sand - Live at 5 on Wednesday

Tune in on Wednesday at 5pm for a special Live at 5 performance by Giant Sand.

Howe Gelb's Giant Sand is the most resilient and consistently inventive American band of the last two decades--part of the well spring of the Tucson musical dynasty.

Most artists who have amassed a body of work as enormous and varied as Howe Gelb have made some impression in the collective consciousness, but he continues to reside in a dimly lit corner of the rock circus. Out in the Arizona desert, Gelb painstakingly cuts and pastes home recordings into heartrenderingly intimate solo albums and rushes into spare studios for hurried jam sessions with itinerant musicians of all generations.

Giant Sand will be performing at Club Congress on Wednesday night where they will be joined by Marie Frank. Lonna Kelly and the Broken Hearted Lovers open the show. Click Here for ticket info.

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