Monday, January 22, 2007

30 Minutes Goes International on BBC 4

I am completely delighted to report that brief portions of a program that I aired on 30 Minutes on KXCI on August 13 about the border aired on a BBC4 program called A World In Your Ear.

Here is the link to the program...

This link will only be up through Saturday, January 27th and then their next program will be up- so listen soon if you want to check it out.

....and here is the back story of how it came to be. Last Tuesday, January 9th I was hanging out at the radio station doing my usual Music Mix, when our acting General Manager Randy came in to tell me that someone from the BBC was on the phone looking to see if our station had done any programs on the border and in particular the new border fence. So, I went and talked to the producer and told her that I had done programs on the border and I gave her the links to podcasts of two different shows that I had done on public hearings about the border which aired on August 13 and 20. I also told her that I could dig deeper and find many speakers on the border.

The producer Arlene Gregorius was representing a show called A World in Your Ear which airs on Saturday afternoons on BBC 4. The premise of the show is that theybroadcast snippets of programs that other stations from around the world have aired. So, Arlene got back to me and told me that she had found two brief segments that she liked from August 13 which came from a hearing held by the Border Action Network and the American Friends Service Committee. She liked a comment by Tommy Bassett describing Douglas, AZ as a DMZ- Douglas Militarized Zone. She also was struck by remarks made by Mike Wilson, a Tohono O' Odham who sets personally sets up water stations on the Tohono reservation to help prevent migrants dying from dehydration. These segments aired on A World in Your Ear on Saturday, January 20th.

Here is a link so that you can read what was on the program.

On this page, there is an icon to be able to listen to the program on the far right column. I think you might have to have real player.

If you click on the third headline down "Migrants and Human Rights - USA"it links to the podcast of my original program on the KXCI website. There is also a link from the BBC program to the "No More Deaths" website.

This is certainly was a wonderful personal achievement for me, but I am even more pleased to know that I was able to help get the word out about this important issue.

Amanda Shauger
Producer 30 Minutes
Sundays at 3:00pm on 91.3 KXCI


At 2:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amanda -- That is really great! Congratulations. I just downloaded the program and will get a chance to listen to it this week. Unfortunately, I missed the BBC broadcast by a few days, but I am anxious to hear the piece.

Thanks! -- Ryan


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