Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Membership Drive Over

KXCI's winter membership drive, the Winter FriendRaiser, started January 18th with a goal of $91,300, money needed to fund the operations of YOUR Community Radio KXCI.

The drive finished Thursday morning, February 1st, at 8:30, with the station reaching our goal with the help of approximately 125 early renewals and 825 calls of support.

Thank you to everyone who called or mailed in a pledge; if you didn't, YOU STILL CAN! Please call the membership office at (520) 623-1000, ext. 13, or click "Pledge Now" at the top of any page at to make a donation over our secured internet server.

Thanks again!
-The KXCI Membership Dept.

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Kidd Squidd Otis Redding Special

Celebrate the end of the membership drive with a special 3-hour Kidd Squidd's Mystery Jukebox tribute to the great Otis Redding, the man who exemplified the power of Southern deep soul with his short but storied career on Stax Records.

Join Kidd for the tribute this Saturday, February 3rd, from 2-5pm only on KXCI 91.3FM, your Community Radio.

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Locals Only CD Release Party - Feb 2nd at Plush

With your help, KXCI will be wrapping up the membership drive early next week, and you can help us celebrate by coming out to the CD release party for the latest Live From Studio 2A Compilation: Locals Only, Volume 4! The event will be held Friday, February 2nd at Plush, and will feature live performances from 10 of the compilation's 16 local artists.

You can kick-start the marathon of music by coming out for the early lounge show by Duo Sonido, as they bring you their beautiful Hawaii-meets-Arizona lounge-jazz from 6-8pm. From there, things move into the back room of Plush, with music starting promptly at 8, as Tesoro will treat you to their fiery fusion of rock and flamenco. Marianne Dissard & Naim Amor will continue the international flavor with some sultry French lounge-pop, and from there we'll segue into the indie rock stylings of Redlands. Singer-songwriter Courtney Robbins will take to the stage next, ready to impress you with material from her new CD, Red Sky In Morning, and she'll be followed by local teen phenom, Andrew Collberg. Next, we shift gears as SKITN gets you moving with their island-reggae beats, and we follow them up with the acoustic pop of Ryanhood. Salvador Duran, Tucson's spanish troubador, will wow the crowd with his boisterous vocal style, animal noises, and stompbox, before Found Dead on the Phone closes out the night with their epic emotive album-oriented rock.

To call it a celebration of local music would be a huge understatement, so we hope that you'll join us on Friday, February 2nd at Plush. It's a celebration of the talent and hard work of local musicians and KXCI, and made possible through the support of KXCI listeners like you! Come early, stay late, and enjoy a wide variety of Tucson's amazingly talented local musicians. $5 will get you in the door for KXCI's own version of a "gem show," but be sure to bring some extra cash to pick up KXCI compilations as well as albums from the performers on the bill.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Feels Like 1967

Tune in to the Music Mix this Thursday, January 25, for the "Best Albums of 1967". From 9am-3pm you'll hear from artists such as The Beatles, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, The Beach Boys, and many more. Tune in to this special winter pledge-drive event.

Its 1967... only on KXCI Community Radio 91.3FM.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

KXCI Wins Food Bank Challenge

Through January 10th, various non-profits in Southern Arizona competed in the Community Food Bank's Holiday Harvest Tournament, collecting canned goods and cash to help provide for the hungry in our community. The friendly competition had two categories: most cash donations and most canned goods donations (in pounds donated).

Your Community Radio KXCI was partnered with Trinity Presbyterian Church on Team Green Beans - and we won!

We'll actually be splitting the honor with Tean Navy Beans (Shalom Mennonite Fellowship and Holy Way Presbyterian) for bringing in the most money in cash donations.

Team Potatoes (Fred Acosta Job Corps Center) took the honor for most food donations, bringing in over 1000 pounds of canned goods! According to the Food Bank, "Team Green Beans brought in many hundreds of pounds as well."

Overall, the tournament brought in more than four thousand pounds of food (a thousand pounds more than last year's tournament) and over three thousand dollars (compared to $1300 last year), meaning the biggest winners of this tournament were our local families in need.

On behalf of the Food Bank and our Green Beans cohorts with Trinity Presbyterian Church, we want to thank everyone who donated to help meet this need in our community.

You can still give - to learn more, visit

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30 Minutes Goes International on BBC 4

I am completely delighted to report that brief portions of a program that I aired on 30 Minutes on KXCI on August 13 about the border aired on a BBC4 program called A World In Your Ear.

Here is the link to the program...

This link will only be up through Saturday, January 27th and then their next program will be up- so listen soon if you want to check it out.

....and here is the back story of how it came to be. Last Tuesday, January 9th I was hanging out at the radio station doing my usual Music Mix, when our acting General Manager Randy came in to tell me that someone from the BBC was on the phone looking to see if our station had done any programs on the border and in particular the new border fence. So, I went and talked to the producer and told her that I had done programs on the border and I gave her the links to podcasts of two different shows that I had done on public hearings about the border which aired on August 13 and 20. I also told her that I could dig deeper and find many speakers on the border.

The producer Arlene Gregorius was representing a show called A World in Your Ear which airs on Saturday afternoons on BBC 4. The premise of the show is that theybroadcast snippets of programs that other stations from around the world have aired. So, Arlene got back to me and told me that she had found two brief segments that she liked from August 13 which came from a hearing held by the Border Action Network and the American Friends Service Committee. She liked a comment by Tommy Bassett describing Douglas, AZ as a DMZ- Douglas Militarized Zone. She also was struck by remarks made by Mike Wilson, a Tohono O' Odham who sets personally sets up water stations on the Tohono reservation to help prevent migrants dying from dehydration. These segments aired on A World in Your Ear on Saturday, January 20th.

Here is a link so that you can read what was on the program.

On this page, there is an icon to be able to listen to the program on the far right column. I think you might have to have real player.

If you click on the third headline down "Migrants and Human Rights - USA"it links to the podcast of my original program on the KXCI website. There is also a link from the BBC program to the "No More Deaths" website.

This is certainly was a wonderful personal achievement for me, but I am even more pleased to know that I was able to help get the word out about this important issue.

Amanda Shauger
Producer 30 Minutes
Sundays at 3:00pm on 91.3 KXCI

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Live Performance on Tempest Broog

Join host Cozmik Jon for Tempest Broog on Monday, January 22nd for a very special performance and set from local avant garde rockers, Flagrante Delicto, recorded live from Studio 2a!

This Sunday Night/Monday Morning at 12am on Tempest Broog!

Tempest Broog: For the creative and nocturnal!

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Monday, January 15, 2007


Monday, January 22 at 8 p.m.

David Barsamian, founder and director of the independent, award-winning weekly series "Alternative Radio", will be at The Loft Cinema to present his provocative talk/discussion, "Distortion and Distraction: Media, Propaganda & The Middle East." He will also screen a segment of the film he produced for Free Speech TV, "Imperial Geography: Israel and Palestine."

David is a radio producer, journalist, author and lecturer; his interviews and articles appear regularly in "The Progressive" and "Z Magazine".

His latest books include "Imperial Ambitions" with Noam Chomsky, "Speaking of Empire & Resistance" with Tariq Ali, and "Original Zinn" with Howard Zinn. Barsamian lectures on U.S. foreign policy, the media, propaganda, and corporate power in the U.S., Canada, Brazil, India and Europe. He is also the winner of the ACLU's Upton Sinclair Award for independent journalism.

Tickets are $5.00 and are available at The Loft and Antigone Books in this benefit for the non-profit sponsors: The Loft Cinema, KXCI and Days Beyond Recall. For more information call The Loft at 520-795-7777 or go to

Additional events:David Barsamian will appear in a live radio interview on "A View From Slightly Off Center" with host David Yerkey on KXCI, 91.3 FM on Sunday, January 21 at 3:30 p.m.

Meet the author on Sunday, January 21, at a free booksigning event at 5:00 p.m. in the Hotel Congress lobby (311 E.Congress). Call 520-622-8848 for more information.

The U of A Bookstore (1209 E. University) will host a free campus booksigning event with David Barsamian on Monday, January 22 at noon. Call 520-621-2426 for more information.

For more information on David Barsamian please go to:

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Club Congress hosts annual Wooden Ball - Jan 12-13

This weekend, Club Congress is home to the Wooden Ball, a showcase of local bands performing in a stripped-down semi-acoustic format. This annual event is organized by longtime Tucson musician Chris Holiman (River Roses, 35 Summers, Downtown Saints), and features 17 performances over 2 nights from a broad cross-section of Tucson performers, young and old.

You can catch everything from Tucson legends like Howe Gelb and Al Perry, to desert rockers Greyhound Soul, Creosote, and the Wyatts. From female vocalists like Cathy Rivers, Leila Lopez, and Namoli Brennet, to the fresh new sounds of 5ft2 and Andrew Collberg. Each artist gets 20 minutes to showcase their music, and the stripped-down format allows for quick 10-minute set changes, so there's only short breaks in the flow of the music each evening.

The doors open at 8pm each night for this 21+ event. There's a $6 cover charge per night, or $10 for a 2-night pass.

Friday, January 12th:
9:00 - 5ft2
9:30 - Nowhere Man
10:00 - Leila Lopez
10:30 - Downtown Saints
11:00 - Namoli Brennet
11:30 - Sunday Afternoon
midnight - Luca
12:30 - Howe Gelb & Friends

Saturday, January 13th:
8:30 - Chris Holiman
9:00 - Andrew Collberg
9:30 - Cathy Rivers
10:00 - Little Sisters of the Poor
10:30 - Creosote
11:00 - Loveland
11:30 - The Wyatts
midnight - Greyhound Soul
12:30 - Al Perry

(photos: David Bryan of Loveland, Roscoe Wyatt of the Wyatts at 2006 Wooden Ball)

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Got MLK? 6am-6pm Monday, January 15.

91.3 KXCI Community Radio celebrates the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with a day of special programming on January 15, 2007. From 6am till 6pm we will intersperse excerpts from Dr. King’s historic speeches and interviews with faculty from The Department of Africana Studies at the University of Arizona and members of the Tucson African American Community with relevant historic and contemporary music.

Dr. Julian Kunnie will kick off the festivities from 6am-9am spinning music that embodies the soul of Dr. King’s legacy of civil and human rights for all. From 9am-11am veteran programmer Sister Effie, host of KXCI’s Spreading the Word will play Gospel music that honors and emphasizes Dr. King’s spiritual component. Mohammed, host of Rasta Riddims takes to the airwaves from 11am-1pm with some crucial vibrations. Rise Up Radio host Juan will broadcast contemporary conscious Hip-Hop from 1pm-3pm.

Democracy Now! will be broadcast from Memphis and is certain to illuminate the King legacy from 3-4pm. The Home Stretch will be a celebration of music to honor the work of Dr. King from 4-6pm.

King is perhaps most oft remembered for his speech I Have a Dream, yet he was no mere dreamer. He tirelessly backed up his vision and rhetoric with meaningful action. He has inspired generations of people to take action to stand up for their rights nonviolently. He was a progressive patriot who loved his country yet was not afraid to shed light where the ideals of liberty and justice for all had not been realized by many.

Dr. Kunnie emphasizes, "Martin Luther King was a person who lived and died for justice for all oppressed people in the US and abroad. He was more than just a civil rights person. His legacy of speeches testifies to this breadth and depth."

"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right temporarily defeated is stronger than evil triumphant…I have the audacity to believe that peoples everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture for their minds, and dignity, equality and freedom for their spirits. I believe that what self-centered men have torn down, men other-centered can build up…I still believe that we shall overcome."
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech
December 10, 1964
Oslo, Norway
Tune in to 91.3 KXCI, Tucson’s Community radio Station, Monday January 15 from 6am-6pm to renew and refresh your commitment to making Dr. Martin Luther King’s Dream a reality for all.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Join KXCI at the Family Arts Festival - Sunday Jan 14th

7th Annual Family Arts Festival
Sunday, January 14, 2007, 11am to 5pm

An Annual Cultural Celebration for All Ages!

The Family Arts Festival is Tucson's premier, free, annual celebration of the arts and the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Coordinated by the Tucson Pima Arts Council, the Festival spans public spaces in the heart of downtown, from the Tucson Convention Center through La Placita Village to El Presidio Park, with continuous entertainment and interactive activities for children of all ages, all day.

The 2007 Family Arts Festival features 6 stages of ongoing live performances, ranging from Middle-Eastern dance to folklorico, local youth bands, and Hungarian folk music and dance. More than 100 artists and arts groups are showcased throughout the daylong celebration.

Be sure to stop by an say "Hi!" at the KXCI table in El Presidio Park during the festival. Several KXCI dj's will be on hand to emcee various performance areas. It's a great Tucson event - we look forward do seeing you there!

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Help Team Green Beans Win the Food Drive!

Dear KXCI friends and supporters,

We are proud to announce Team Green Beans (that's us!) are in a close second place in the virtual online aspect of the Community Food Bank's Holiday Harvest Tournament, ending tomorrow.

We've said all along that we want to help the hungry AND win the tournament. You can help.

If you've got even just a few dollars to give, please click here and you'll be able to buy a case (24 cans) for an $11 donation to the food bank.

It's a great way to help our community AND to help KXCI be #1!

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Howe Gelb / Giant Sand - Live at 5 on Wednesday

Tune in on Wednesday at 5pm for a special Live at 5 performance by Giant Sand.

Howe Gelb's Giant Sand is the most resilient and consistently inventive American band of the last two decades--part of the well spring of the Tucson musical dynasty.

Most artists who have amassed a body of work as enormous and varied as Howe Gelb have made some impression in the collective consciousness, but he continues to reside in a dimly lit corner of the rock circus. Out in the Arizona desert, Gelb painstakingly cuts and pastes home recordings into heartrenderingly intimate solo albums and rushes into spare studios for hurried jam sessions with itinerant musicians of all generations.

Giant Sand will be performing at Club Congress on Wednesday night where they will be joined by Marie Frank. Lonna Kelly and the Broken Hearted Lovers open the show. Click Here for ticket info.

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Best Albums of 2006 by Bob Girth (The Hub)

Best Albums of 2006

These lists are always hard to compile. Most ‘best of’ lists I’ve put together in the past have suffered from what behavioral economists call ‘the fallacy of vividness’. I tend to latch onto my most recent musical favorites and give them more weight than they statistically deserve. That’s why I carefully scanned The Hub play lists for the past year to refresh my memory. That’s just the kind of year it was—lots of good releases with only a handful of truly outstanding albums. The litmus test I applied to all of these releases was simple--will I put this CD into my boom box 5 years from now and still think it belongs on this list? I think so. In no particular order:

TV On The Radio
Return To Cookie Mountain
A work of immense, cataclysmic, almost overwhelming power and righteous fire. Avant-pop or cubist-soul, at its heart this is a rock ‘n roll album.

Yo La Tengo
I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass
Shaggy, dreamy, cuddly, sometimes explosive indie rock. This is the band in full 32-flavors mode. Like a one-stop indie jukebox.

Sonic Youth
Rather Ripped
There’s nothing wrong with accessible indie rock especially when it’s this pristine and polished. Remarkably melodic for these notorious noise mongers.

The Decemberists
The Crane Wife
Big label debut for this Portland band. Amazing, innovative storytelling. Colin Meloy’s songwriting is ambitious, melodic and rich.

The Thermals
The Body, The Blood, The Machine
(Sub Pop)
If you buy one punk album this year, this should be the one. Simple, urgent songs. Uplifting and brash, this is an essential purchase.

The Hold Steady
Boys & Girls In America
Catchy, well-played rock. Great story songs, anthemic and a lot more fun than any Springsteen album. Crank it up.

For Hero: For Fool
Smart, melodic, poetic and sometimes funny. Part electronica, part hip-hop, part experimental rock, this is very innovative music. A wonderfully sprawling mess.

Joanna Newsom
(Drag City)
Steve Albini, Jim O’Rourke and Van Dyke Parks—a dream team of collaborators. This is the most astonishing (and quite possibly off-putting) album of the year. A demanding listen, but a rewarding and inspiring one.

Howe Gelb
‘Sno Angel Like You
(Thrill Jockey)
Sometimes a ragged sound comes from a highly refined aesthetic sensibility. This album has the unpolished, tossed-off sound of other Gelb or Giant Sand albums—the difference is the Gospel choir.

Band Of Horses
Everything All The Time
(Sub Pop)
Loud, raw mid-tempo indie rock. Shimmering, layered guitars with reverb-heavy vocals. Woodsy, ragged, epic songs.

Honorable mentions: Gnarls Barkley, The Stills, The Dears, Matthew Herbert, The Submarines, Comets On Fire, Midlake, Stan Dingo (an amazing electronica artist living right here in Tucson)

Bob Girth
The Hub
Saturday 11:00pm—2:00am

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Mariachi Luz de Luna & Calexico - Live @ 5pm!

Tune in to The Home Stretch today (Thursday) at 5pm for a very special 'Live at 5' performance by members of Mariachi Luz de Luna and on Friday members of Calexico as they play in advance of the benefit concert this Saturday at Rialto Theatre.

The concert is a benefit for the family of mariachi musician Ariel Cramer - a member of several local Tucson mariachi groups - who passed away in May.

Tickets are now available for Saturday’s concert which will feature Luca, Calexico, Mariachi Luz de Luna and Mariachi Aztlan de Pueblo High School. All proceeds from the concert will benefit the family of Ariel Cramer.

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Local artists releasing CDs in January

2006 ended with a flurry of CD release parties from local musicians, and the train keeps rolling right into 2007. Take note of these great new discs hitting the streets over the next month:

Afrodelic Stegosaurchestra, winners of the Arizona Daily Star's 2006 High School Battle of the Bands, will be unleashing their new self-titled album at Solar Culture Gallery this Wednesday, January 3rd. If you're a fan of artists like Fela Kuti and Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, you'll most certainly enjoy the afrobeat dance grooves performed by the young lads in AfroSteg. The show will be kicking off around 8pm, with an opening performance by Lungs Geronimo Lungs.

On Friday, January 5th, Club Congress will host the release party for Desert Mountain District, a compilation of Tucson indie and alternative rock put out by Inchworm Records. Portions of the proceeds from the CD will benefit Area 520, a downtown organization aiming to nuture and develop Tucson's youth culture through "artistic expression, healthy living, community engagement, and professional development." The doors open at 7pm, and artists performing include Love Mound, Chango Malo, Found Dead on the Phone, The Jons, Bark Bark Bark, and The Provocative Whites.

Other artists that appear on the CD include The American Black Lung, The Crowd, La Cerca, The Swim, George Squier Orchestra, Winelord, The Matrix 2: The Legend of Curly's Gold, Golden Boots, and Bombs for the Bored.

Club Congress is host to yet another CD release party on Friday, January 19th, when James London drops his new album, James London's Solo Jamboree. The show kicks off at 10pm with opening performances by Mostly Bears and SKITN. You can catch a sneak preview when James London appears on the live segment of Locals Only beginning at 9pm on Monday, January 15th.

Finally, KXCI releases the latest installment in our Live From Studio 2A series, Locals Only Volume 4, with a release party at Plush on Friday, February 2nd. You can pick up the CD in advance through this link on our website, but you'll want to mark your calendar for the release party as well. There'll be an early lounge performance by Duo Sonido from 6pm-8pm, and then we invade the back room starting at 8pm with performances by 8 of the compilation artists. Keep checking the KXCI blog for more details as the event draws closer!

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Top 100 Albums of 2006

Here are the Top 100 Albums of 2006, as determined by airplay on KXCI:

#100 Oh No! Oh My!, self-titled
#99 Ray LaMontagne, Til The Sun Turns Black
#98 T. Bone Burnett, The True False Identity
#97 Luca, Sick Of Love
#96 Kinky, Reina
#95 Various artists, Putumayo Presents Brazilian Lounge

#94 Euphoria, Precious Time
#93 The Ditty Bops, Moon Over The Freeway
#92 Various artists, Monsieur Gainsbourg Revisited
#91 Ziggy Marley, Love Is My Religion
#90 Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Long Walk To Freedom

#89 Jack Johnson, Curious George soundtrack
#88 Roseanne Cash, Black Cadillac
#87 Be Good Tanyas, Hello Love
#86 The Wood Brothers, Ways Not To Lose

#85 Tres Chicas, Bloom, Red & The Ordinary Girl
#84 The Little Willies, The Little Willies
#83 Rhett Miller, The Believer
#82 Juana Molina, Son
#81 Anoushka Shankar, Rise

#80 Sonic Youth, Rather Ripper
#79 Bebe, Pafuera Tearanas
#78 The Essex Green, Cannibal Sea
#77 Old Crow Medicine Show, Big Iron World
#76 Willy Mason, Where The Humans Eat

#75 Grandaddy, Just Like The Fambly Cat
#74 Sufjan Stevens, The Avalanche
#73 The Rogers Sisters, The Invisible Deck
#72 Hem, No Word From Tom
#71 Josh Ritter, The Animal Years

#70 The Concretes, In Colour
#69 Thom Yorke, The Eraser
#68 K.T. Tunstall, Eye To The Telescope
#67 Baaba Maal, Senegal: Best of Baaba Maal
#66 Lila Downs, La Cantina

#65 Richard Ashcroft, Keys To The World
#64 Bruce Springsteen, We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions
#63 Hot Chip, The Warning
#62 Loose Fur, Born Again In The USA
#61 The Winterpills, The Winterpills

#60 Jose Gonzalez, Veneer
#59 Mojave 3, Puzzles Like You
#58 Grant-Lee Phillips, Nineteeneighties
#57 Citizen Cope, Every Waking Moment
#56 Starlight Mints, Drowaton

#55 Various artists, KXCI Locals Only 3
#54 The Ike Reilly Assassination, Junkie Faithful
#53 The Raconteurs, Broken Boy Soldiers
#52 Cassandra Wilson, Thunderbird
#51 Johnny Cash, American V: A Hundred Highways

#50 Gomez, How We Operate
#49 Fiona Apple, Extraordinary Machine
#48 The Dixie Chicks, Taking The Long Way
#47 Imogen Heap, Speak For Yourself
#46 Frank Black, Fast Man Raider Man

#45 Beck, The Information
#44 Gnarls Barkley, St. Elsewhere
#43 The Wailin' Jennys, Firecracker
#42 The Mammals, Departure
#41 Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, Whipped Cream and Other Delights Re-whipped

#40 Los Lobos, The Town And The City
#39 Decemberists, The Crane Wife
#38 Wilco, Kicking Television - Live in Chicago
#37 Various artists, For A Decade Of Sin: 11 Years of Bloodshot Records
#36 Built To Spill, You In Reverse

#35 Jim Noir, Tower Of Love
#34 Cracker, Greenland
#33 M. Ward, Post-War
#32 Camera Obscura, Let's Get Out Of This Country
#31 The Pinker Tones, The Million Colour Revolution

#30 Sia, Colour The Small One
#29 Nada Surf, The Weight Is A Gift
#28 Yo La Tengo, I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass
#27 Josh Rouse, Subtitulo
#26 Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris, All The Roadrunning

#25 Zero 7, The Garden
#24 Beth Orton, Comfort of Strangers
#23 Isobell Campbell & Mark Lanegan, Ballad of the Broken Seas
#22 The Go! Team, Thunder Lightning Strike
#21 Bob Dylan, Modern Times

#20 Neil Young, Living With War
#19 Mason Jennings, Boneclouds
#18 Ray Davies, Other People's Lives
#17 Matisyahu, Youth
#16 Sergio Mendes, Timeless

#15 Ulrich Schnauss, Far Away Trains Passing By
#14 Howe Gelb, Sno' Angel Like You
#13 The Refugee All-Stars of Sierra Leone, Living Like A Refugee
#12 Paul Simon, Surprise
#11 Franz Ferdinand, You Could Have Had It So Much Better

#10 Ben Harper, Both Sides Of The Sun
#9 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
#8 Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins, Rabbit Fur Coat
#7 The Flaming Lips, At War With The Mystics
#6 Belle & Sebastian, The Life Pursuit

#5 Michael Franti, Yell Fire!
#4 Neko Case, Fox Confessor Brings The Flood
#3 Various artists, KXCI Live From Studio 2A Volume 6
#2 Calexico, Garden Ruin
#1 Cat Power, The Greatest

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