Friday, December 08, 2006

KXCI Compilation "Locals Only Volume 4"... It's new and its HERE!!!!

Our new CD "Locals Only Volume 4" has finally arrived and for a limited time it's available for just $9.13.

Highlighting some of the best in-studio performances from the past year this new release, “Locals Only Volume 4” is a tribute to the songs and the artists who help keep
Southern Arizona unique. Included in this collection are indie legends like Curt Kirkwood (formerly of Meat Puppets) and Howe Gelb (also of Giant Sand).
Some songs have great regional importance, such as Howe Gelb’s song “Ballad of the Tucson 2”, a song originally written to raise awareness and support for the legal defense of two humanitarian aid volunteers arrested for helping an undocumented Mexican immigrant they found dehydrated and injured in the desert.
In other songs you can feel the lonely open spaces of the Sonoran desert, or the gritty sun baked streets of
Tucson. Look for these themes in songs by Salvador Duran, Duo Sonido, Fukuisan Go!, Combo Westside, Tesoro. In still other songs the diversity of our desert community is celebrated. French-born Marianne Dissard performs her “Sans-Façon” (co-written by Joey Burns of Calexico). SKITN’s “island” music combines the influences of Jamaica, California, and Hawaii.
And so much more… enjoy the music of up and coming
Tucson artists such as Ryanhood, Andrew Collberg, Courtney Robbins, Redlands, The Jons, Feta & Shiraz, and Found Dead on the Phone.

Log on to our online store at to order this new release and get information on all KXCI's previous releases.


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