Monday, December 11, 2006

17th Street Band - Tuesday, Dec 12th!

Tuesday December 12, The 17th Street Band will return to O’Malleys to Benefit KXCI Radio

The 17th Street Band includes Tom Kusian on lead Guitar, blues Man Tom Walbank on harp, vocals and guitar, the electrifying keyboards of Arthur Migliazza, drum magician Ralph Gilmore, Dustin Busch on lap steel/guitar, and legendary bassist Harvey Brooks. Harvey Brooks has played and recorded with Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Jim Morrison & Mike Bloomfield. Harvey Brooks says “The 17th Street Band’s music is akin to that played by Mike Bloomfield and Nick Gravenites when we all played together in “Electric Flag”. The early evening show begins at 7:00 pm and ends at 9:00 pm . Melding together original materials, blues and jazz. This KXCI benefit show will be held once a month at O’Malley’s with a $5 donation to KXCI at the door.

KXCI Radio promotes musicians and artists from around the world, across the country, and from our own backyard, which don’t fit the corporate genres of the mainstream media. KXCI’s free form weekday music mix is the only place you’ll hear the new Spoon single followed by Miles Davis or Pete Seeger or Ani DiFranco. KXCI has promoted fellow non profits for 22 years, by providing air time to local, regional and national non profits and activist organizations, in the form of public service announcements, interviews, and special programs.

This KXCI benefit is sponsored by “The 17th Street Market with 17th Street Guitar and World Music Store”. The 17th Street Market is a United Nations for Foodies and World Music located in the Warehouse District of Armory Park.

Irish themed O’Malley’s is housed in a converted warehouse with towering ceilings and wood beams. Located on Fourth Avenue , near the University of Arizona , the restaurant has a great grill and the band promises an exciting show.

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