Monday, October 30, 2006

ShowGoer: Rock for a Few

Sometimes a poorly attended rock show emerges as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. What can be the bane of a traveling musician’s existence can also be the lifeblood of an enthusiastic concert-goer. A rock show featuring west-coast rockers The Purrs, The Village Green, and The Ettes on Wednesday October 18 offered that rare live confluence in rock music, where virtually undiscovered, high-quality rock music fleshes-out on stage in the most intimate of settings.

Indeed, Tucson’s Vaudeville Cabaret, a resource usually tapped by the local scene, housed a special night of rock. Though, if you brought a friend to the Vaudeville that night, you’d be hard pressed to convince that someone you’d brought them to a rock show. No more than 30 people came to rock that night, about half of which included the actual musicians performing and their retinue. In fact, a small merchandise cache, setup on a covered billiards table, served as the only evidence that a national rock tour stopped in this Tucson bar.

Astonishingly, the lack of a rock scene did nothing to deter these fine groups. The Purrs, clearly the tour’s most inexperienced act, opened the show with a delightful set of pop-rock music. The Seattle-based quintet combined their drearily beautiful rock tunes with satirical (small) crowd interactions. After uncovering their somewhat self-deprecating, sarcastic veil, the makings of a reasonably successful indie rock group seemed intact.

The Village Green, the second of the night’s fabulous rockers to take the stage, possesses an even greater potential. On the heels of releasing their first LP, Feeling the Fall, The Green performed an incredible set of music somewhat similar to The Purrs, fusing psychedelic, pastoral, and power-pop musical textures. The Purrs, however, possessed little of the fresh originality and sincere artistry The Village Green brought to the Vaudeville that night. As their dated, formal stage attire suggested, The Village Green offer a dignified and historical approach to producing energetic, pop-rock sounds.

The Ettes, headlining their first national tour, closed out the show with amazing energy. Recently signed to Detroit-based Sympathy for the Record Industry, The Ettes demonstrated a clear affinity for the intense garage-rock which often characterizes the Motor-City sound. The Ettes ripped the stage, two-and-a-half minutes at time, with smashing drums, fuzzy bass, and the Nancy Sinatra vocal stylings of lead-singer Coco Motion. The ever-ripe garage rock scene just adopted a new glamorous Los Angeles trio in The Ettes.

Always as important as the fabulous live music these three groups possessed, however, remained the concert environment. Due to the abnormally small rock crowd, the musicians made themselves completely accessible to their patrons. During and after each set, rock fans socialized with the bands. So rare is this experience now that rock music functions as a billion-dollar industry. The musicians intimately connected with the listeners, exchanging names, revealing genealogies of their groups, sharing tour stories, discussing label relations, and rapping about their new releases. The Village Green even came into KXCI studios for a “Live @ 5” performance earlier that day and impressed several DJs.

Nights like the one at Vaudeville on October 18, 2006 reenergize the modern rocker. Sometimes lost in a world of corporate-sponsored festivals, arena-rock shows, and even adequately attended theatre and bar shows, touching live rock music up-close remains an essential experience, like the pilgrimage to Mecca. Just as essential as availability, regional proximity often arises as an issue at a show when the musician-listener barrier blurs. Sadly, intimate environments such as these often work only for local acts, if only because the small payoff scares away a traveling band. Surely, the small crowd failed to satisfy any financial hopes The Purrs, The Village Green, or The Ettes brought to Tucson. However, the crowd truly benefited; or at least those who didn’t fret about scene and savored the close gleam.

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Friday, October 27, 2006

Spotlight on Los Lobos - Hot Spot is Nightmare On Congress Street

This weeks Hotspot is downtown featuring the music festival Nightmare on Congress Street, Friday and Saturday nights.
-Friday is a great lineup with Gomez and Matt Pond PA at the Rialto Theatre. The Twilight Singers will be at Club Congress along with openers Stars of Track and Field. The Twilight Singers features front man Greg Dulli, of the Afgan Wigs, Mark Lanegan, of Screaming Trees, and Jeff Klein.
-Saturday features new wave ska greats The English Beat and the Zsa Zsas at Club Congress while the Gin Blossoms and Shawn Mullins take the Rialto stage.

Also happening downtown Saturday - Fools’ Hollow Halloween Fest - Noon to 10pm at the Main Library.
A classic Halloween celebration for kids and families during the day, beer garden and ghoulish bands for the big kids later in the evening. Fire troupe Flam Chen performs at 9pm.

**Spotlight on the new album from Los Lobos – The Town And The City

This new album of mostly subdued grooves creates a real sense of place. It could be South Tucson or East L.A., but themes of family, work, home, immigration, social strength and urban decay percolate throughout. You could call it East L.A. blues, not a blues in standard form but one in substance and feel. This is another chapter in the long life of Los Lobos, the greatest living, working and creating rock and roll band.

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Ubaka Hill - Friday - Live@5

Tune in to The Homestretch Friday for a live performance and interview with Ubaka Hill.

Ubaka is an internationally-know percussionist, singer, poet and teacher. She will lead three weekend drumming workshops and perform in concert Saturday night. All events take place at Anjali at 330 E. 7th St., just west of 4th Avenue. The concert happens at 7:30 pm Saturday night and local drumming groups Odaiko Sonora and Batucaxe will open the show! Bring your dancing feet! Tickets to the concert are $12 in advance (at Antigone Books) or $15 at the door.


The workshops are as follows:
Friday, Oct. 27th 7-10 pm Drumsong I $35
Perfect for the beginning drummer or those wanting to freshen up their skills. This workshops will cover drum vocabulary, basic rhythm, technique and group playing.

Saturday, Oct. 28th 10am-3pm Drumsong II--$70
Drumsong II builds on the skills taught in Drumsong I, but you do NOT need to attend Friday night to attend Saturday. Ubaka will teach 2-3 of her orginal compositions, and those interested can perform with her in concert Saturday night as the Tucson Drumsong Orchestra.

Sunday, Oct. 29th 11am-4pm Beyond the Edge WOMEN ONLY-- $70
This workshop focuses on drumming, rhythm, and sound as a healing modality. Ubaka will draw on the energy of the Ancient Mother, the Giver of Life in a powerful women-only space. We will explore the healing qualities of sound through chants, drumming, and songs.

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Calexico Concert - Dec 2nd - Tickets on sale now!

Calexico, dedicated friends of KXCI Community Radio, will perform at Rialto Theatre in a benefit concert!

The Tucson show on December 2nd continues Calexico's annual tradition of throwing a year-end hometown benefit concert. A portion of the proceeds will go to KXCI Community Radio and Humane Borders, who along with other organizations like No More Deaths and Border Angels, offers humanitarian assistance to those in need through more than 70 emergency water stations on and near the U.S.- Mexican border, ultimately trying to quell the hundreds of deaths every year in the Arizona desert due to dehydration.

Calexico has been hailed as a border band, transcending boundaries and genres with their unique blend of US and Latin style. Politically, the band feels just as strongly about the people of the region as they do the sounds. Joey Burns explains; “The issue is a complex one, and now with President Bush signing the bill that would build a massive wall between the two countries, the problems will undoubtedly become more severe and horrifying.”

A representative from Humane Borders will be at all Calexico’s headlining Southwestern shows to answer questions or provide insight into their cause. Also, the tour as a whole will be presented in association with Music for America, an organization connecting concert-goers with social justice organizations and political issues they might not be aware of, both nationally and in their area.

Advance tickets are available at KXCI studios - 220 South 4th Avenue - at Rialto Theatre - and online HERE

General admission is $16
Limited reserved balcony seating is available for $18

Get your tickets early... This show sells out every year!

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Global Rhythm with Acoustic Africa concert

KXCI welcomes a Global Rhythm concert featuring outstanding artists direct from Africa. This Acoustic Africa concert with Habib Koite, Vusi Mahlasela, and Dobet Gnahore takes place Wdenesday night at Centennial Hall. Presented by Putumayo Records this is surely set to be an amazing night of world music. Habin Koite is a brilliant guitarist from Mali, who has made a deep impact on the world music scene. Vusi Mahlasela is a central musical figure in South Africa, from apartheid times to present. Dobet Gnahore is a relatively new female voive from the Ivory Coast.
*Matt Moon, host of KXCI's Global Rhythm Radio, will be presenting an arts encounter with African drumming prior to the concert. This will take place at 6:45pm in the Women's Plaza, adjacent to Centennial Hall.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tuesday Live@5 - Reckless Kelly

Reckless Kelly stop in Tuesday on the Homestretch for Live@5.
Shorty Stubbs, from KXCI's Country Fringe at 6pm Tuesday nights, will be hosting an interview and performance from this Austin alt-country institution.
They are playing Plush with The Wyatts opening.

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Monday, October 23, 2006


Have I got somethin' unique and special for you!

Tune in this Tues nite, to Rosie's Rhythm Room for special guest host: Tom Miller, local author and collector of MANY versions of the song, "LaBamba".

We will start with Ritchie Valens and end with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.....he will talk about the song, the history, the geography, and the music, etc; of all the
various selections.

This is something you will not want to miss!

I myself, am looking forward to what Tom will be treating us to....I trust it will be entertaining, and amazing!

Only here, on your Community Radio on a Twangin' Tuesday nite.

Viva Bambabalooza!!

See ya on the Radio ~~RozeLady

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars

Back by popular demand, KXCI presents “Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars” at the Rialto Theatre on Saturday, November 18th. But that’s not all…The Loft Cinema will also be screening the documentary film at 2pm on Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th.

Mark your calendar now for this world music dance party weekend!

Advance tickets for The Refugee All Stars are available at CD City, Antigone Books, The Loft Cinema, Zia Records, Bookmans & The Rialto Theatre. For more information visit the events page.

The music of Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars is a spirited, infectious, and soothing blend of traditional West African music, roots reggae and classic Rhythm & Blues. Their message-oriented songs decry the insanity of war, call out for social justice and wryly comment on the corruption that surrounds them. The Refugee All Stars use their music to transform and uplift, to carry them beyond their past, and to heal. Through music, The Refugee All Stars have found a place of refuge, a sense of purpose and a source of power.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Village Green On The Homestretch!

Tune in to The Homestretch this Wednesday at 5pm for a live performance in studio 2A from The Village Green! This Portland, Oregon rock duo will be performing from their 3rd album "Feeling The Fall". They will be at Vaudeville Cabaret Wednesday night.

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Monday, October 16, 2006

On-Air Auction Wrap-Up

The KXCI On-Air Auction 2006 was a huge success! Thank you to all of the lucky bidders and auction donors! You contributed in the neighborhood of $15,000 to help your community radio station.

The 2-day event was great fun for the volunteers and DJ’s – we had bidding wars on some items and some donors gave in excess of the retail value to support KXCI.

This year DJ donations of goods, services and unique on-air opportunities proved to be some of the most popular items.

We are already planning auctions for 2007, keep listening and checking the web site for new auction updates.

Thank you!

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A Weekend Of Thanks

Just a quick note to thank everyone who supported Community Radio during this past weekend.

Whether you placed a bid during our on-air auction Friday and Saturday, attended the Amy Goodman event at the Rialto Friday night, stopped by our booth to say hello at the Blues Festival on Sunday, popped into downtown for Tucson Meet Yourself, or just tuned in for a weekend of great music, please know that your support makes it all possible!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Live@5 on The Homestretch - Allison Moorer and Griffin House

Featured guests this week on The Homestretch's Live@5.

-Thursday- Griffin House
Featured on the Music Mix and Amber, who rated Griffin House's Lost and Found release a 10! "So many cool songs, great hanging out and harmonizing tunes." He's at the Rialto thursday night, opening up for Mat Kearney.

-Friday- Allison Moorer

A favorite americana artist that rocks it up. She is the sister of Shelby Lynn and married to Steve Earle. In town for an acoustic performance with Steve at the Rialto Theatre, right after a KXCI sponsored speech from Amy Goodman of Democracy Now.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hey Bidder Bidder Bidder

In addition to the excellent information provided under the "On-Air Auction" link on our homepage at, we are inviting KXCI listeners to drop in to personally view the many items up for bid in our on-air auction, which runs Friday and Saturday, October 13 and 14.

You may view these items at the station weekdays from 8:30am to 5pm. We will also be open until 7pm on Wednesday and Thursday, October 11 and 12.

The KXCI offices are located 1 1/2 blocks south of Broadway at 220 South Fourth Avenue.

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Beck: Featured Album of the Week

Tune in each weekday morning at 8:20am for Your Morning Brew's FEATURED ALBUM OF THE WEEK, this week featuring the new one from Beck entitled "The Information."

The Featured Album of the Week is spun each morning right after the One Cup of Java Challenge.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

YOU can help make KXCI's new "Locals Only" CD a reality!

A new KXCI CD is in the works!

The new album, "Locals Only IV", will feature 15 tracks of fantastic live performances by Arizona artists such as Howe Gelb, The Jons, Tesoro, Marianne Dissard + Naim Amor, Ryanhood, Andrew Collberg and many more! You can help support this project by becoming an "executive producer". Through a donation of $150 you will be mailed an early bootleg copy of the CD, and in December you will receive 10 free copies of the CD for your friends and family! You will also be credited as an "executive producer" in the liner notes in recognition of your support of Local music.

The deadline is FAST approaching! Call us by October 16 to be a part of Tucson history. Call Randy at 623-1000 ext.13 today!

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Hot Spot Saturday and Tuesday

This week the Club Crawl is happening and it's a time to catch more local talent than you can shake a bucket of sticks at. It's happening Saturday night Downtown with a slew of venues indoor and out. There are far too many cool acts to list here but I will point out one of the few out of townees, Jonah Smith. Jonah is an electric piano playing singer songwriter based in New York City. Reminds me of Van Morrison, he's got a soulful voice and songs and a great band to back him up. Full details on the Club Crawl can be found in this week's Tucson Weekly. Let's hope some of the folks that make it out to Club Crawl, will decide they want to go see live local music more than once or twice a year.

Not into Club Crawl? Well there is another killer show Saturday night, Bobby Bare Jr. at Plush. Billed as a CD release party for his brand new album, The Longest Meow, on Bloodshot Records, this triple bill also includes local stalwarts Loveland and the Jon Rauhouse Trio (another Bloodshot artist). Bobby Bare Jr.'s music is a great blend of alt-country, blue eyed soul, and reckless rock n' roll, topped off with Bobby's trademark yelp. Think of the intimacy of Gram Parsons mixed with showmanship of Little Richard.

Tuesday is a doozey too as there are three great shows to choose from.
-James McMurtry at Club Congress. The longtime KXCI favorite and songwriter extraordinaire has some great new national recognition. In September the Americana Music Association named his latest release, Childish Things, the album of the year. He also received song of the year honors with "We Can't Make It Here".

play Solar Culture. Their brand of indie lounge and Brazilian pop has been a favorite on the Music Mix. Touring in support of their third release, expect mellow grooves, female Brazilian vocals and lots of aural ear candy.

-Asobi Seksu
and Subtle at Plush. Asobi Seksu features a Japanese female vocalist ad-mist swirling psychedelic rock and Subtle is odd and ambient underground hip hop. Subtle's brand new CD is out on Astralwerks and members include the likes of Dose One and Jel, from themselves and cLOUDHEAD on the acclaimed underground hip hop label Anticon.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Steve Earle & Allison Moorer featured on Rosie's Rhythm Room

Tune in Tuesday, October 10th, 10 p.m. - midnite on: "Rosie's Rhythm Room" and join the RoseLady, featuring 2 great artists that will be in concert on October 13th:

Steve Earle is one of my favorite TX musicians from San Antonio. He's got a blue collar, rebel attitude and he's a brilliant songwriter. I'll feature everything from his Rockabilly phase, to his Country-Folk and his Political side.

Allison Moorer is baby sister to singer, Shelby Lynn, and recently married to Steve Earle. She got her big break when her song "Soft Place to Fall" made the soundtrack of The Horse Whisperer. I will feature cuts from all six of this Alabama gal's albums.

Also, I'll be sitting in on Kidd Squidd's Mystery Jukebox THIS SATURDAY, October 7th from 2 to 5pm - so y'all tune in!

-The RoseLady

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