Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dr. Dan & Encourage KXCI Membership

Here's a big thanks to "Dr. Dan" for his support and for encouraging folks to step up and become members of KXCI Community Radio. In a recent post on Dan illustrates an all-too-common story of what can happen to broadcast media without community support:

Apparently, the future of rock and roll,, is now part of the past.

I became aware of the when I was putting together The Road Show for 91.3 FM KXCI. The Road Show highlights touring bands coming through Tucson and at this time is only sporadically broadcast at 4 in the morning. That is to say, I do not yet have a regular time slot but I am hoping that is only a matter of time. In the meantime, I sign up for DJ boot camp whenever possible...

I do not know all of the particulars about why went out of business. It is stating the obvious that they did not have a workable business plan. The folks running the station had very high standards and did their best to minimize the influence of commercial radio/internet on the station. While they had an online community of listeners and supporters, it was not enough.

The history of makes me appreciate KXCI that much more. The heart and soul of KXCI is that it is community radio. That means you and me...musicians and music supporters in the Ol' Pueblo. Shows like Locals Only hosted by my friend Don Jennings are an example of the community aspect of KXCI. Sure, KXCI broadcasts on the internet, but it is just an added bonus, not the heart of the station. If you listen regularly you will know that they are in the middle of their pledge drive right now. Tune in and support the station. If you are not a regular listener, check it out at 91.3FM or

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Thanks Dan!


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