Thursday, August 31, 2006

La Rocca, Sept. 2nd - Plush

Ireland answers the great impact of the ripened Scottish multi-layer pop-rock scene on Tucson when La Rocca comes to Plush this Saturday, September 2nd. Who can forget Camera Obscura’s delightful performance at Plush in July? Now La Rocca takes a shot at rockin’ the corners of 6th Street and 4th. Unlike Scottish counterparts Camera and Belle & Sebastian, La Rocca possesses only four pieces, but beautifully constructs similar melodic layers. After the release of their four-song EP Sing Song Sung in February, word began to spread about this new Dublin outfit. La Rocca have since brought two songs from the buzz-worthy EP, title-track “Sing Song Sung” and “Sketches,” into their new full-length LP, The Truth. The new record establishes La Rocca as a promising young band, grinding out a path to identity through their witty keyboard-driven pop melodies, ensemble-style rock guitar, and charmingly cynical lyrics. The Truth offers a variety of pace, shifting from light, fast pop sounds to slower, more introspective folk tunes carried by singer and chief songwriter Bjorn Baillie. Expect nothing less than The Truth when La Rocca jams this Saturday.


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