Friday, July 28, 2006

Music Director's Weekly Spotlight

Howdy everybody, another installment of a weekly spotlight on shows coming to town and/or some cool new releases.

take care, -Duncan (KXCI Music Director)

This week we spotlight the new album from seminal African artist Cheikh Lo. First off, I'm a sucker for music that crosses cultural boundaries and mixes genres. Cheikh Lo's "Lamp Fall", released on World Circuit/Nonesuch records, is an outstanding example of cross cultural pollination. Created on an African base, Lo is from Senegal, "Lamp Fall" also weaves the musical lines of Cuban, Brazil, Reggae and R&B into a unique tapestry. Cheikh's beautiful vocals and the rhythmic Tama (African talking drum) are the main features as the different songs incorporate afro-cuban moods, Brazilian carnival percussion, reggae grooves and the soul saxophone of Pee Wee Ellis (a staple of James Brown's band for many years). The songs have strong social and spiritual themes, which come across even though I can't understand a word, but it's the music that is universally understood.

*If you dig world music like this, be sure to check out Matthew Moon's "Global Rhythm Radio" Thursdays, 6-9pm.

Hot Spot(s)
The monsoon season has brought us rain and several shows to take us to other wet places.

Friday: Al Perry's Surfin' Safari at Club Congress. KXCI's own Al Perry (Clam Bake Monday's at 10pm) brings the beach to the Old Pueblo with surf music galore. Featuring Al Perry, Fukusian Go!, Big Galoot, Shrimp Chaperone and DJ Hot Rod Ron. Wear a bikini or wet suit, get in for free.

The Moaners at Plush, Friday as well. The former front woman of Trailer Bride brings humid southern blues garage to town, with the Prids and Lemonman.

Wednesday: West Indian Girl at Club Congress. California dreaming psychedelic pop haze.


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