Friday, July 28, 2006

KXCI is having techincal difficulties with the on-air signal

What we know as of 1:45pm Friday -

In the early morning hours of Friday, the new KXCI digital transmitter took a hit up on Mt. Bigelow. May have been a lightning strike (very likely) or a power surge of some sort. The station went off the air around 4am during Search and Rescue.

After conferring with Jim Blackwood, Doug Groenhoff and Mike Stanley up on the mountain, it was determined that a) we hadn't done something stupid on our end; b) Tri-Co Electricity had at some point turned off or lost power but had also restored it; and c) our equipment, either in full or in part, had failed to come back on with the restored electricity. Either way, we were still off the air. Deejays continued webstreaming.

Ralph, the engineer who installed the new transmitter, has since travelled up the mountain and reports that the new transmitter will need repair or refurbishing.

He has, as of about 1pm, re-installed the old analog transmitter which was "conveniently" left up on the mountain. Thank your lucky stars we never got around to bringing it down...

We SHOULD (cross your fingers) be able to resume broadcasting early this evening after Doug and Jim are able to rewire the station for the old transmitter.

We will post updates as they become available!

Don't forget you can still listen online - CLICK HERE


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