Monday, July 31, 2006

Community Advisory Board Meeting - Tuesday Aug 1

Here's a reminder that the KXCI Community Advisory Board will meet this Tuesday (tomorrow) at 6pm in the Armory Park Sr. Center.

The main discussion of the meeting will be focused on the recent interviews and meetings with candidates for the station General Manager position. If you were unable to attend the meet and greet, this meeting will be an opportunity to learn more about the two candidates and provide input to the Board of Directors in advance of their meeting on Thursday.

The CAB invites and encourages any KXCI listeners, members and volunteers to attend.

For more information on the Community Advisory Board please CLICK HERE.

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Friday, July 28, 2006

KXCI Back On The Air!

As of 6:50pm tonight KXCI has regained its on-air signal!

Many thanks to engineers Frank, Doug and Jim for getting us back in service.

We are now broadcasting through a portion of our old analog chain while repairs are made. If you notice a significant change in reception or sound quality ~ let us know!

Thank you for your patience.

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Music Director's Weekly Spotlight

Howdy everybody, another installment of a weekly spotlight on shows coming to town and/or some cool new releases.

take care, -Duncan (KXCI Music Director)

This week we spotlight the new album from seminal African artist Cheikh Lo. First off, I'm a sucker for music that crosses cultural boundaries and mixes genres. Cheikh Lo's "Lamp Fall", released on World Circuit/Nonesuch records, is an outstanding example of cross cultural pollination. Created on an African base, Lo is from Senegal, "Lamp Fall" also weaves the musical lines of Cuban, Brazil, Reggae and R&B into a unique tapestry. Cheikh's beautiful vocals and the rhythmic Tama (African talking drum) are the main features as the different songs incorporate afro-cuban moods, Brazilian carnival percussion, reggae grooves and the soul saxophone of Pee Wee Ellis (a staple of James Brown's band for many years). The songs have strong social and spiritual themes, which come across even though I can't understand a word, but it's the music that is universally understood.

*If you dig world music like this, be sure to check out Matthew Moon's "Global Rhythm Radio" Thursdays, 6-9pm.

Hot Spot(s)
The monsoon season has brought us rain and several shows to take us to other wet places.

Friday: Al Perry's Surfin' Safari at Club Congress. KXCI's own Al Perry (Clam Bake Monday's at 10pm) brings the beach to the Old Pueblo with surf music galore. Featuring Al Perry, Fukusian Go!, Big Galoot, Shrimp Chaperone and DJ Hot Rod Ron. Wear a bikini or wet suit, get in for free.

The Moaners at Plush, Friday as well. The former front woman of Trailer Bride brings humid southern blues garage to town, with the Prids and Lemonman.

Wednesday: West Indian Girl at Club Congress. California dreaming psychedelic pop haze.

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KXCI is having techincal difficulties with the on-air signal

What we know as of 1:45pm Friday -

In the early morning hours of Friday, the new KXCI digital transmitter took a hit up on Mt. Bigelow. May have been a lightning strike (very likely) or a power surge of some sort. The station went off the air around 4am during Search and Rescue.

After conferring with Jim Blackwood, Doug Groenhoff and Mike Stanley up on the mountain, it was determined that a) we hadn't done something stupid on our end; b) Tri-Co Electricity had at some point turned off or lost power but had also restored it; and c) our equipment, either in full or in part, had failed to come back on with the restored electricity. Either way, we were still off the air. Deejays continued webstreaming.

Ralph, the engineer who installed the new transmitter, has since travelled up the mountain and reports that the new transmitter will need repair or refurbishing.

He has, as of about 1pm, re-installed the old analog transmitter which was "conveniently" left up on the mountain. Thank your lucky stars we never got around to bringing it down...

We SHOULD (cross your fingers) be able to resume broadcasting early this evening after Doug and Jim are able to rewire the station for the old transmitter.

We will post updates as they become available!

Don't forget you can still listen online - CLICK HERE

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Kids DJ Camp Performance this Sunday!

Tune in this Sunday from 1 to 6pm for the finale performance of our kids dj camp!

This week camp was open to ages 13 - 16. The 10 kids who participated learned many aspects of radio production including music selection, board operation, digital editing, vocal presentation, FCC regulations and more!

They worked hard to prepare 30 minute sets of music to play on Sunday with a wide range of eclectic songs chosen by the kids themselves.

We know you will be impressed and entertained!

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

KXCI GM Candidate Meet & Greet

On Sunday, July 30th we will host a meet and greet event at the KXCI studios - 220 South 4th Avenue - to introduce to our listening community two candidates for General Manager of KXCI.

The candidates are: Randy Peterson & Laura Smith

The meet and greet will be held from 10am until Noon. Refreshments will be provided.

This is an excellent opportunity for KXCI listeners and members to offer input to the Board of Directors regarding the candidates.

There is also a link HERE to submit your comments online.

Thank you for participating in your community radio station!

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Refugee All Stars Concert A Huge Success!

Many thanks to the 700+ folks that attended our concert event at the Rialto Theatre on Saturday night!

The show kicked off with African drumming and dancing followed by an excellent performance by The Refugee All-Stars from Sierra Leone. Delicious West African food was also available for sale.

KXCI co-sponsored this event with The Loft Cinema. The documentary film about The Refugee All-Stars also played all weekend at The Loft.

Many thanks to the KXCI Board Members and other community members that donated tickets for our local African refugee community.

What a great night - we plan to have many more!

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

This is a test post

Here is the very first test posting to the KXCI Community Radio blog.

We hope that readers will find it informational and useful. Our goal is to have a space for quick updates about what's happening at KXCI with opportunity for your input!

You may enter your email address in the field to the right to have posts sent directly to you in a digest form - once a day (on days when something new is posted), or you can pick up the RSS feed by selecting one of the links!

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